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How is homemade Melafix and Pimafix made? Salt remedies too!

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Melafix is 1 percent Tea Tree Oil and online I read that distilled water and tea tree are what is in Melafix
How does oil suspend in water?

Is homemade Pimafix an option?
Present moment herbs has the Pimenta Racemosa oil that Pimafix is based on and Tea Tree oil is already in my home so I want to make my own...
Its not clearly conclusive reading online what efficacy the melafix really has...can someone provide any studies?
Is Pimafix raved over as much as Mela fix?
What does each do and not do?

What salt recipes are used and to treat what issues?


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I've never used pimafix...not even sure what it is but I use homemade melafix to help heal up torn/missing fins in my angels. I think it helps, I used to use it on my bettas all the time and it worked well for them. Course there no substitute for clean water so even with the use of melafix I change the like 90% of the every day on the patient(in a separate tank of course) then re-treat.

To keep the tea tree oil suspended I've heard of using dish soap(can't remember the brand) way I am using soap with my fish so I just shake the bottle before each use...stays suspended just fine in the tank.



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