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Angel fish bloating/cotton wool

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Post Wed Jan 02, 2019 1:00 pm
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I have 3 Angel's that unfortunately caught what I believe to be cotton wool, from duck weed plants that were newly introduced to my aquarium. I've been treating the tank directly for 3 or 4 days now with a tree extract as well as low doses of API salt. The fungal infections seem to be clearing up well , but there is still stomach swelling in all 3. I've cut down on feeding (as well as not feeding) these past few days. That seemed not to make any progress, so I took 2 gallons out of the tank into a bucket with 2 tablespoons of API salt (dissolved) and then put all 3 Angngels in for 5 min. How long would this process take to show results? And what are other methods I can use without stressing them out?

Post Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:20 pm
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IMO, bloat is best treated with spirulina based flake soaked in metronidazole
Close second treat tank with Prazipro or lace food with Prazipro

Salt at high enough concentration can kill fungus. Tree oil has mild anti bacterial properties at best. If there are no salt sensitive plants or fish in tank, I suggest treating entire tank with salt. Start with recommended dose then on days 2-3 increase to 2x recommended. Angels can handle higher concentration than recommended.

So much for treatment. The cause of these health issues is stress
Stress is caused by many situations. Examples include an aggressive fish harassing other fish. Tank too small or too many fish in tank. Infrequent or too small volume water changes. Wrong water temperature. Wrong diet, generally meat based diet to herbivores or omnivores

Whatever stress is it must be corrected.
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