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Sales Section Rules: READ BEFORE POSTING

Got some fish or livestock to sell?

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The rules to follow and understand when using the MFK's "For Sale" and "Looking For" sections:

1. BUYER BEWARE: The MFK is not responsible for any of the transactions made on this site. Be sure to research buyers and sellers before completing any transaction, as scam artists do exist.

2. CONSOLIDATE POSTS: We strongly encourage you to group your sales into one post to minimize the overall number of posts in the sales sections. If you are selling 7 different species of fish, do NOT put up 7 different posts. Group them into one post, and title and organize your post appropriately. No one wants their sale post to be pushed to page 3 because you added 12 separate posts. Moderators will determine if anyone is posting too many posts. If you chose to post more than one post in this section, the second post will need to be substantially different than first post. If not the two posts will be merged or older post may be deleted.

3. AUTO-PRUNING: The sales forums automatically prune after 21 days. This means that if your post has been online without any replies for 21 days, it will automatically be deleted by the system. It's perfectly fine to bump your post to keep it from getting deleted, but we ask that you don't do this more than once per week.

4. COMMENTING: We do allow comments on sales posts. Use this as an opportunity to ask appropriate questions. This is NOT an opportunity to be negative or post inflammatory comments. Any such negative comments will be immediately deleted and consequences will occur. If you are posting anything even remotely questionable, don't comment on the thread. Send the seller/buyer a PM. The moderators will determine what is negative or inflammatory. The owner of the post can ask a moderator to remove any comment, regardless of content, and we will do so.

5. WHEN YOUR ITEM SELLS: Hopefully, you sell the item(s) you had for sale. When they sell, you can either ignore them, and within 21 days, they'll be auto-pruned. Better yet, change the post's title to PLEASE DELETE. Our moderators will see this and delete the post for you, which in turn keeps the sales sections tidy and current.

6. MINNESOTA DNR REGULATIONS: Any post that is or may be in violation of Minnesota DNR regulations found on these links will be deleted immeadiately.
-- ... index.html

Any one that refuses to recognize Minnesota DNR regulations as valid and applicable to transactions conducted on minnfish is subject to bans of forum use for various time periods including lifetime ban from this forum.

These are not new minnfish rules. There are no exceptions, no wiggle room and no discussion as to regulation interpetation. Failure to become familar with MN DNR regulations is not acceptable. Minnfish rules regarding these regulations has not changed for years and will not change.

--- Add photos. Your item will ALWAYS sell faster and possibly for more if you add a decent photo.
--- Add specifics to your post's title. Be specific, and you'll get more views. "FISH" = bad. "Lake Malawi Mbuna Fry" = good.

Thanks all for helping us keep the MFK going for 8 years!

updated 11-21-2013

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