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Angel Fish Questions

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Post Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:59 pm
dgonse Level 1 Member
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I have a few questions for you all out there, I have a 58 gal tank, right now I have 5 koi angel fish about 1 1/2" long in it, how many angel of this size is safe to put in?
What about water temp, I've seen anywhere from 78 to 84 degrees, what's best?
What's a good flake food for color?
Thanks, as you can see I'm a little new at this
By the way the 5 fish have been in there for about 6 months and are doing great,

Post Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:44 am
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I like the new life spectrum foods.

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Yes,I have 2 tanks.
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Post Mon Jan 31, 2011 4:57 pm
corlaska Level 6 Member
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It's not how big they are now that matters, it's how big they'll get. I was advised about 5-6 adult fish in a 55G tank. Watching them grow up, I can see why.

I have them at 78F. One pair has laid eggs twice, but no hatches so far. (This is probably because I'm keeping the water rather hard to help my stem plants grow. This may impact whether or not fertilization can take place.)

They are eating Tetra flake food and frozen blood worms.

Post Mon Jan 31, 2011 6:13 pm
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The fewer fish and the more frequent the water changes the bigger the angels will get. If big angels isn't a goal then what you have in there will be fine.

What will happen as they get older and become sexually mature is a whole lot of bickering and sparring. Depending on the disposition of the individuals and what the male to female ratio is you could end up with some down right lip ripping off fighting between males, although that's at the extreme end of possibilities. That's not to say females aren't aggressive. I've had some down right nasty females that I culled just so the disposition wasn't carried on to another generation.

As they mature and their individual personalities will come out you may find yourself realizing that some of the angels will have to go or some of them will get harassed to the point of death. Hopefully you won't let it get that far. Spawning angels are territorial and when you think about it that's not a big territory for raising a family.

With more than one pair in the tank you're unlikely to get much for fry lasting beyond newly free swimming. Baby angels must be tasty because any fish in the tank (sometimes including the parents) will munch them down in a hurry if given the opportunity.

As far as temp goes, you are right. Angels can handle a wider range. Higher temps increase metabolism which increases food intake, waste output, activity level, growth rate and spawning frequency (to a minimal extent). If you have tons of fast growing plants, do large water changes multiple times a week or have double what you would need for filtration then I'd recommend the higher temp range. I think angels look and behave better around 82. If the filtration is less than double, live plants are minimal or water changes are less frequent then go with a lower temp in the range. Remember to not make this a burden when it comes to maintenance. Do what works for your situation. Keep it fun and you'll get more enjoyment out of it as well as a better chance as success.

As far as food goes, that's another thing that the options are as endless as you can think. Sure you can pick out a food and stick with it and the angels will survive. My personal philosophy on feeding fish is variety is best. There are a lot of great foods out there but it will be difficult for any one food to have everything fish will need. I recommend a variety of foods. A variety of flakes, some veggie some meat some color. A variety of frozen. Include live foods from time to time and even the occasional freeze dried.

I love apples for myself and they are healthy, but I'm pretty sure if that was the only thing I ate I would suffer nutritional deficiencies. Besides, I like a change in food flavors and textures and I'm sure it would be appreciated by the fish, too.

One word of advise about fish food is to keep it frozen, even the flakes and freeze dried. Fish food looses its nutrient content pretty quickly. Freezing will help. Its another reason why I never purchase food from a place like Walmart. Who knows how long its been on the shelf. Buy from a busy lfs or from someone reputable who makes fish food online.

I wish you the best.
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