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Native fish to control mosquitoes in a creek?

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I have a small piece of land adjoining a very slowly flowing creek; naturally, mosquitoes breed there.
I considered introducing fish there to help control the mosquitoes; as I know very little about fish, I decided to ask someone who does.

First of all, is it a sane idea at all, with creek being unbounded body of water?
The water is rather stagnant; I suppose I might need to provide some aeration?
There may be runoff from the fields entering the creek; should I be concerned? Do I need to test water and how?
What kind of fish would fit the purpose? What kind of maintenance may I need?

To my knowledge, my part of the creek does not freeze, perhaps due to a spring feeding it.
The creek, tributary of North Fork Crow River, is perhaps a foot or two deep and 10 feet wide; where I am it forms shallow backwater 100x100 feet.

Thank you!

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Aeration would be the first way to go. Mosquito eggs need stagnant water to lay. Setting up an outdoor aquaponics would be cool to see. Keep some beautiful flowers or produce all around and have a pump from the creek. You get awesome plants and it cleans the water for you.

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