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keeping females separate

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Post Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:17 am
Tvadna Level 5 Member
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Anyone who breeds guppies obviously needs to keep females/males separate so that you can choose who reproduces with who. This in theory, should help the females grow faster (more energy to use on their own growth). I'm curious about other side effects. I think this would be an interesting science experiment in order to maximize breeding programs but I certainly don't have the means to conduct it. So i'm taking a short cut and asking anyone whos got enough experience.

If guppies only have a limited window for growth, Do females that aren't allowed to breed early on, grow larger in the long run?

Since larger females drop more fry in my experience, Would keeping a female a virgin longer pay off in terms of drop size when she is bred?

I've heard stories about guppies that have 100+ fry per drop and I was wondering how this is accomplished. Is it the strain or is it a result of some planning.

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