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Post Tue May 08, 2012 12:47 pm
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cgx2011 wrote:
True that inbreeding is looked upon by some as bad but to other as a way of achieving a certain type of trait for example color morphs. I personally like a diverse genetic pool but when it comes to guppies I feel that they can sustain them selves. As long as you remove weak or deformed fishes from your stock you should be fine. My oldest sister started with 7 original guppies (2 males and 5 females) from petsmart about 4 years ago and now she has 500+ living (all descendents from the 7) in both of her 55 gallons. She feeds any deformed or slow growing one to her Oscars and her guppies are as big and prolific as ever. Occasionally she adds a few new fishes in for different color combinations in future fry. I woulds say same thing goes for platies,mollies and swords.
I usually think about it as if it was a situation in the wild where some fishes are stuck (confined) in pools and only have the ability to breed with there related counter parts. Usually the healthy ones live and the sick or deformed ones die due to predators (natural selection). I guess in a way its mimicking natural selection (if you are just looking for healthy prolific fishes and not a certain color or trait)

just putting my thoughts out there :D

Lol. True, I know. I totally left that part out. :P It does depend on which guppies mate. :) Good luck on
them! :D
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