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Post Sun Apr 26, 2015 12:23 pm
gmama Level 1 Member
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We have a man-made water feature with waterfall and pond. When we built it 16 years ago, our neighbor gave us several sunfish that were overrunning his stock pond. We have been successful with them as well as some Koi which were also given to us and a few .39 cent gold fish. Two years ago our sunfish spawned and when we closed down the pond in the fall and brought the fish inside for the winter we kept a few dozen little ones.

At the time, all we had was a 10 gallon tank for the babies (the adult fish are in a 100 gallon cattle trough all winter). The next year we put about half of the babies back in the pond and kept 18 or 20 indoors. Here's the great news - I was gifted a 100 gallon aquarium a few weeks back and have now moved the remaining fourteen 1" to 1.5" sunfish into the 100 gallon tank. Yeah, room to grow! I have also added 8 goldfish about the same size which will eventually end up in the pond.

I would like to add some variety of native catfish and need some advise on what would be appropriate and where I might be able purchase one or two. How many fish and of what size and variety would be appropriate for this size of environment?

I have never been interested in tropical fish but these little natives fascinate me!

Thanks for any additional advise you may have.


Post Sun Apr 26, 2015 6:24 pm
MplsGuy Level 4 Member
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Natives are awesome!

Your fish might be too small to be safe with bullheads right now, but bullheads should work with larger sunfish. There's a shop in Crystal that sells natives. Forest Lake Pets also sells natives.

Madtoms would be great, but I've never seen anyone in town carry them. You can try online vendors, including Jonah's Aquariums and Zimmermans.

The NANFA forum,, is also a great resource.

Good luck!

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