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Ancistrus species confusion

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Post Sat Nov 22, 2014 4:12 pm
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Last year I bought some fry at a BAP auction labeled ancistrus Mato Grosso Ida 08. They're doing well, and now have fry of their own.

Before I sell any of the young, or put them on the BAP table, I'd like to understand a bit more about what I have. Can anyone clarify the naming scheme above? Is 'Ida 08' a misprint of an L number, or are these L-08 collected at a place called Mato Grosso Ida?

The first brood has a couple of albinos in it. That seems unusual, leaving me thinking that maybe these are just your basic miscellaneous hybrid ancistrus mislabled. Here are some photos of (non-albino) fry, in case it helps with ID:



Post Sat Nov 22, 2014 6:26 pm
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Two German magazines started competing picture catalogs of loricarids. One magazine used L numbers and other magazine used LDA numbers. These are very popular systems because all newly discovered plecos can be added to photo system immediately and location morphs are added too.
Magazines jump on every new discovery. Science is much slower. Usually much later, an icthylogist may describe a species. Now the fish has Latin scientific name assigned by ichthyologist, both L and LDA number and maybe multiple L numbers for location morphs and maybe a trade name by an impoter.

prior to L numbers hobbyists probably hybridized these plecos unintentionally, yet continued to use various names because they had no idea they were breeding two species or hybrids.

Go through L catalog on planet catfish to see if your fish match any known species.
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Post Sun Dec 07, 2014 9:20 pm
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Unfortunately, someone has been selling plecos for several years labelled Ancistrus labelled LDA-08 and or Mato Grosso which do not appear to be that species, which is A. claro. I too, bought some a couple of years ago and found albinos in my first brood, which meant I was either extremely fortunate, or these were common hybrids. To make sure, I passed some to someone who is a bit of an expert and he said they were definitely were not A. Claro. Planet Catfish is very specific that A. claro can be identified by it's oval (not round) mouth. Mine have round mouths.

I have kept these fish because they are relatively small, and very hardy and easy to breed. Quite attractive when young. But in my opinion they must be considered hybrids.

From what I have seen there are very few misidentified fish at MAS auctions, but MAS isn't in the position of policing the labeling unless it is clearly wrong by looking at the fish through the bag which isn't easy with fry and isn't easy with the many species of pleco unless you are a real expert in them. This fish has been discussed on this site before and I know the seller I got mine from was notified that these were not that fish. I don't know if he still uses that name or if someone he sold to has carried it through without knowing.

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