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Albino pleco fry

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Post Sun Oct 12, 2014 9:51 am
wannabiggertank Level 1 Member
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My albino pleco has had his head shoved into a small hole in me driftwood for a few days. I thought maybe he was stuck, so i reached in to help him out, and discovered a bunch of wiggling pleco fry?? A few questions.

1. I have an Albino bushynose and a black unknown species pleco (maybe a rubbernose...) Will they crossbreed?

2. Should I remove the fry and put them in my small planted tank. Or should I move the parent as well? That tank has a small school on zebra danios and one dwarf gourami and just a sponge filter on a powerhead.

3. I don't have a cave of any sort, whats a good diy cave for the fry?

4. Best food for the fry? I read zuccini and/or algae wagers.


Post Sun Oct 12, 2014 7:19 pm
willie Level 8 Member
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If they spawn, then both are Ancistrus temminicki. The fry will be brown colored. You can just leave the eggs with the parent for care. Or you can put them into their own tank and they'll hatch out in about 5 days. They fry will probably not survive zebra danios, etc. If you want to save them, put the eggs into a net or something. Once they absorb the yolk sac, they'll be too big to be eaten. Mine gets algae wafers, cucumbers or zucchini when they get older.


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