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Albino Ancistrus having brown babies?

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Post Tue Mar 24, 2020 11:30 am
TheTropics Level 1 Member
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I've had two batches of fry (or more) from a pair of albino Ancistrus. There hasn't been an albino baby in the bunch. Every baby has been of the common brown coloration. I've been doing some reading about there being more than one albino loci for Ancistrus, but I wanted to check with MAS members to see how often you are encountering this.

These fish were bought at an MAS auction, so I can't believe that I'm the only one experiencing this. Anything you have to share will be most appreciated. Barry

willie Level 8 Member
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The literature does report two independent loci for albinism, but I haven't experienced this effect myself. Obvious your (ancistrus) gene pool is more diverse than mine.

Do both parents have pink eyes? There's also a separate leucocytic mutation that produces blue eyed lemon bushynoses.


meck3427 Level 3 Member
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Echoing Willie's comment, my 4 pair of albinos have never produced a brown fry. Your parents must carry both albino and brown genes. Would think in that case you'd get a mix of brown and albino. Strange.........

Found this post on planet catfish and thought you would be interested. No conclusions, but you're not the first person to have this happen. ... hp?t=13704

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