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Apistogramma ortegai aka "pebas" and "papagei"

South and Central American cichlids.

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Found this paper:
Apistogramma ortegai (Teleostei: Cichlidae), a new species of cichlid fish from the Ampyiacu River in the Peruvian Amazon basin

Text from paper:
Koslowski (2002) distinguished two forms of Apistogramma from the Pebas area in which the caudal spot is confluent or contiguous with the lateral band, called “Pebas” (lateral band extending to bar 7 and connecting to caudal spot forming a drop-shaped spot) and “Papagei” (lateral band extending to bar 7 and connecting to caudal spot forming sort of double-spot), respectively. Both obviously agree in all regards with the material here referred to A. ortegai. Although he presented them as as undescribed species, Koslowski noted that the two forms possibly only represent intraspecific variation. Our morphological data from A. ortegai does not permit recognition of more than one species, and consequently “Papagei” and “Pebas” are both included in the concept of A. ortegai.

Distribution and habitat. Apistogramma ortegai is known only from a small stream (quebrada) tributary to the Ampyiacu River in the municipality of Pebas. All specimens were collected along the margin, with most of its area within a dense, difficult to access forest (Fig. 7). The stream had clear and acid water, pH 6.0, water temperature 26°C, and a depth of at most 50 cm. The bottom substrate was mainly comprised of sand and leaves, with some clay. Aquatic vegetation was not present.
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