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What are severums? OR nomenclature

South and Central American cichlids.

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Post Sat Dec 22, 2018 7:43 pm
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In 1840 Heckel described a fish and gave this fish a name. The name was Cichlasoma severus. Cichlasoma became a very large genus with very different cichlid species. Over the last generation or two ichthylogists have split Cichlasoma into new genera restricting like species into new genera, such as Heros.

Severums has been a popular aquarium fish for decades. However, aquarists have kept H. efasciatus not H. severus. And they called these fish severums. Some claim the trade name is banded cichlid, due to vertical bands on flanks. However, the trade name used most often is severum. Severum is used for five described Heros species, a few undescribed species, all sports, and/or tank strains. Thus when showing, trading, or discussing fish within Heros genera, confusion exists as to if fish is H. severus or a different species.

Species in Heros genera:
H. severus
H. efasciatus
H. spurius
H. notatus
H. liberifer

Undescribed wild type:

Sports/Tank strains are derived from H. efasciatus
and more
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Post Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:58 am
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Good information Bob! Thanks!
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Post Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:37 pm
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A friend asked about tiger or red tiger severums.

One group of sellers states these fish are collected from Rio Curare. Another group claims red tiger severums or Curare severums are actually collected from Rio Negro close to San Felipe, Columbia. This is probably correct as the Rio Curare is unknown to cartographers.

While peaceful to other black water species, as adults "tigers" will fight with conspecifics. To control aggression, keeping a larger group as opposed to a pair is likely to reduce aggression somewhat.

Both groups believe this largest of all severums, is likely the true Heros severus. Currently these fish are rare and therefore expensive.
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