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Apistogamma hongsloi

South and Central American cichlids.

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Post Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:30 am
Ian&Lily Level 1 Member
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Hey so I got a group of 6 honglosi as juvinals about 6 months ago. They all seem to be doing good but I can't seem to tell if they have paired up. There are generally 2 on one side of the tank and 4 on the other half with about 9 inches of no man's land between. However it looks like one of the 2 is always a different fish. This could just be color changes but they look so similar. I was told by the breeder ( pure fish works) that placing a mirror in the tank can help them to pair up but my make black ram is very vain and hogs it. So I'd love some help or advise on trying to pick out a pair. I want/need to move 4 to new homes as space is becoming an issue. I have read about the differences in shapes of fins and body shape differences but they are giving me a very hard time to sex much less pair them. Lastly I do not have enough posts to be able to list them for sale yet so does anyone else have a suggestion as to rehoming them. I'd rather not bring them to a world of fish as I've put lots if time and care into them and the thought of them being split up or put in a tank at the store is kinda disheartening. I'm trying to get what I paid but would be willing to let them go for free or trade if someone wanted to breed them and send me pics allong the way. So yeah any pairing or rehoming suggestion s welcome.

Post Sat Apr 14, 2018 8:47 am
My2butterflies Level 2 Member
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I’ve just been reading up on Apistogrammas. No experience, so I can’t help:(
If you don’t mind I do have a few questions about them. What is your water like? Ph and hardness?
I’d love to keep some but I keep reading that they need softer water with a lower ph. Completely the opposite of my water.
Any pictures by chance?

Post Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:01 pm
musicaficionado Level 1 Member
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Hello , I am new to the forum and I have a 55 gtank that set up for apistogramma ,tetras and small plecos (blue phantom L128)from the same location . I am interested in checking your apistogramma hongsloi out. I will keep an eye on them if I suspect anything wrong I have will transfer them to another tank(29) with only a pair of peacock gudgeon . Is it ok to post my email address here for a reply? I am new to the forum and don't want to brake the rules .

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