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Raising substrate spawners w/out parents?

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I have two pair of Anomalochromis thomasi which spawn frequently, but so far I've only seen wigglers once and the adults have never raised fry to free-swimming stage. Just now I noticed a spawn on a removable object (the inside of a flower pot) so I pulled out the pot and stuck it in an empty 10 gallon. Right now I have the pot upright with a sponge filter bubbling inside the pot to keep a little bit of circulation on the eggs. The eggs are eyed up and clearly fertile -- hopefully they survived the change water conditions between the two tanks.

I've never raised baby cichlids myself, having always left the job to other cichlids :) Will the wigglers be fine flopping around on the bottom of the tank until they're ready to swim, or do I need to take more heroic measures to protect them from fungus, snails, etc?

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They'll be fine flopping around unless they fungus. I always let the parents (nature) do the work whether they are egg layers or mouthbrooders. That's half the fun.

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I would put a little methylene blue in there to prevent fungus.

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