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Venting Cyrtocara moorii

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Post Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:03 pm
exinme Level 3 Member
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Can someone teach me the trick of venting Cyrtocara moorii, the more i vent them the more confuse i get. I have a group of 5, They are currently 5-6 inches.

Post Wed May 02, 2018 9:41 am
Passionfish Level 20 Member
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Size of fish will determine if sexual pores or vents have matured to point when sexing is easy. I would not try to vent this species until they reach 3-4" for male vs female determination.

Sexual vents of females are round and males are pointed or V-shaped. Once a female lays eggs, the vent will be much larger than males and again very round.

Prior to sexual maturity, it may be difficult to say what is round and what is pointed as pore size is small. However, if 1 of 3 looks different and the other 2 of 3 look like each other then a good guess is there are two sexes present.

Both sexes develop nuchal humps but males will grow a hump sooner than a female and male humps are usually larger. At about 6 inches, males may become intolerant of other C. moorii males. Females are generally safe and this can result in one male with a number of females in the tank.

The species is generally very calm and does not show aggression to non-conspecific species in the same tank. It is always a plus to raise fry together vs adding adults to a tank in regards to aggression.

Check Otopharynx on this page as Otopharynx may be closest related species on the page.
Like a complete unknown

Post Wed May 02, 2018 6:53 pm
exinme Level 3 Member
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Thanks Bob

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