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Post Wed Oct 23, 2019 12:47 pm
TheTropics Level 1 Member
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Yep, after all these years, I've finally decided to get active on the MFK forums. I was an active MAS member in the 90's and part of the 20-oughts; with over 1000 HAP points and 750 BAP points (if memory serves), and then I just got busy with other things. My MFK name, The Tropics, is the same name I use on Aquabid, and it was the name of my store in Duluth in the early 90's. Old-timers in the club probably remember me, since I was one of only two Duluth guys who was then active in the club.

I now live in Superior, but can drive about 3 miles into Duluth for a breath of fresh air every now and again. I currently have about 20 tanks, with more on the horizon since I've bitten off more than I can chew with some new breeders.

I have a couple breeding pairs of albino veil angels. They're near the end of their breeding life. Most eggs don't hatch, but a few do. They are notoriously difficult to raise since they have a hard time finding food, apparently. I also have a batch of young yellow koi angels, and hope to have them reach breeding age about the time that the albinos are finished. Albino angelfish were my dream fish when I was a kid. I still remember the day in the early 90's when I first saw them in the old wholesaler's tanks along I-494 near Bloomington. I got my current fish from Dacyums in Traverse City, MI and they are absolutely beautiful.

I first bred bettas about 40 years ago. Never got into it much since I could never find any decent stock. Seeing the pictures in books and magazines of beautiful bettas that I couldn't ever buy was a disappointment, so I moved on. Now I have some young breeders that I got from Thailand and they are magnificent. I also now have three tanks of baby bettas to deal with. They are growing fast and I'm still working on their housing accommodations for after they are too large to keep together. They are all koi (B.S. term to indicate mixed color spots) halfmoon plakats. I now prefer the short-finned bettas over the long-fin varieties. I'm sure I'll be trying to unload some of those in a couple of months. BTW, we can't be friends if you call these fish "bayda." :lol:

I also have a recent story to tell about buying fancy guppies from ATFG (that's a seller who calls himself All Thailand Fancy Guppies for the uninitiated). This is still an ongoing saga, and is maybe the main reason that I joined the forum. I want to find out who else has been shafted by this guy, and who hasn't. I'll post more about this debacle of a transaction later - but I'm still waiting to see if he will do right by me. I'm expecting to be disappointed. I should know in a couple of weeks.

Later. Barry

Post Wed Oct 23, 2019 8:06 pm
Passionfish Level 20 Member
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Hi Barry.
Good luck in finding other keepers of bettas and any other fish you keep.
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