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Looking for Advice on Building Fishroom Rack

The MFK's DIY section! Enjoy with a PBR ASAP.

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What is your fish keeping objective? Is it to keep lots of different fish in many tanks, a few really spectacular tanks, lots of breeding or - in my case - breeding and raising just one species? A clear objective defines how many tanks you need and what size. The type of rack follows that analyses, not lead it.

This rack supports a 110 gal tall on the top and 75 gal on the bottom. All the weight is borne by the lumber, while the screws just hold the wood together. I used 2X6's because it supports over a ton of water. The critical portion of the stand looks like this.

This rack supports a 30 Breeder on top, 40 Breeder in the middle, and another 40 Breeding on the bottom.
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BTW, the most important tank in my fish room is the quarantine/hospital tank. It should be kept separate from the others and needs to be a dedicated tank, not just an empty. Make sure you plan for that one first.

Good luck and see you at the show, Willie

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Thanks Willie,

this insight is very helpful. I want to do a variety of things. So, I should probably build around that variability with more specific intent.

Your photos are very helpful as well. I agree on the quarantine tank. I have that set up now.

I look forward to meeting you at the Expo, come say hi! :)
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