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Icemakers & Refridgerator Dispenser Filter

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Does anyone use one of these to remove Chlorine from their water? Says it lasts 12 months, hooks up to 1/4" tubing, and all that fun stuff with valves...

Would this work instead of jug by jug of tap water + water conditioner? Can't find any good info via searching here or Google.

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Filter is likely high grade carbon. Can buy similar carbon filters from companies that sell RO units and plumbing. get water storage container to place filtered water in. Get a pump to move water from storage to tanks.


Get a hose to connect to tap, then add dechlor to tank before refilling

I would not try to use the refrig water line
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They're just carbon filters. You can use any carbon filter including those. If its cheaper or easier you can use a whole house style filter since the inlets should be threaded 1/2 or 3/4.
Although I'm not a fan of the push together fittings, you can use them with the 1/4 ice maker lines and flexible semi rigid plastic tubing which is convenient with a fish room because it can be moved from tank to tank. They tend to leak when moved a lot near the push together connection but hey, they're your floors.
If you didn't have a floor drain near by and didn't want to risk the leaking, you can always use a more secure compression style fitting when working with 1/4 tubing.

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