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Lighting Schedule for 125 gallon with 3X250w Metal Halides

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So I finally decided on a light and purchased 3 250w Metal Halides and a moon light bar for my 125 gallon with clams, SPS, Anemone and soft corals. I would like to know if anybody has any ideas on a lighting schedule that I should run these lights for setting up my light timer?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Corals need 5-6 hours of light for peak photosynthesis. Some run 10-12 hours, I run leds on my salt tanks, one ramps up to a peak and then back down over 8 hours. My other tank does not have the same type of controls, blues on for 6 hours, whites for 5 hours
I will point you towards for more saltwater specific answers, most of this forum is freshwater based, not trying to send anyone away from here just trying to point you to a place that is saltwater specific.
I have some scaley and a few not so scaley creatures living in glass houses full of water in the other room

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