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Shrimp / Worm Problem

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Post Tue Jan 05, 2021 7:53 pm
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Hi I have a 5 gallon planted tank with Crystal Red Shrimps. I'm noticing that I have white worms that I believe are called Detritus worms all over the tank. I rarely feed the shrimp since they have a lot of vegetation to feed off of and I've done some water changes to try and lower the worms from spreading. Can someone give me a better way to deal with these Worms? I did some google search and found out Kuhli Loaches can solve this problem quickly but I cant find a good answer if they loaches will eat my shrimplets. Is there possibly a different tankmate that can take care of my worm problem without eating my shrimps? Im open to any suggestions and answers.

Post Wed Jan 06, 2021 12:03 pm
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If they are hair-like sized and wiggle pretty violently when in the water column, then I would agree with your guess on detritus worms. These will not cause harm to anything and will level out in time. Vacuuming the substrate can rid it of organics which feed these guys.

If however they are flat, elongated oval shaped and crawl on the glass you would have planaria - which are not good for shrimp. There are chemical treatments for planaria that are shrimp safe, 'No Planaria' I recall being a suitable option.

I would highly highly advise against adding any fish to rid worms in a shrimp tank or you will quickly find you have no more shrimp (or at least no baby shrimp) due to predation. Virtually any fish will eat a shrimp or shrimp baby if given the opportunity. Certainly any fish that would eat a work would eat a shrimp, without a doubt.

Those that do keep fish and shrimp together will often find shrimp population growth to be very slow for the reasons above.
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