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Best food for growth in fry and juvies?

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Post Tue Feb 02, 2016 6:24 pm
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I would like to find out from some of the more experienced breeders as to what produces the quickest and healthiest growth in fry and juvies, primarily African cichlids. I would imagine the standard for fry would be bbs or some of the very small live foods available, although I know there are other options as well. So I look forward to your reply's. Thanks!

Also does anyone here have experience with the European shrimp mix. Worth the effort that's put into it?

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I've never been a big live foods guy, mostly because it requires more effort than I'm willing to expend. I usually just grind up NLS pellets into a fine grain. Almost a powder. Feed them that once or twice a day, and do more frequent water changes than you typically do with breeder tanks, and you should get good growth.

That's just my system. Live foods, I'd guess, would speed up growth.

The rule of thumb with Africans is that it takes 4 months to go from egg to 1" long. Now, that isn't always the case (see: the altolamprologus genus). But, that's usually what I assume when I get new fry. "Sellable in 4 months."

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BBS is great for very small fry. It is the movement that attracts fry to food. These small fry can be raided on ground up flake but it takes longer.

At 0.5", ground up flake or other solid food seems to produce more growth than BBS. Fry still seek BBS but in general these fry can consume more food than the amount of BBS going into tank. These fry also browse tank for food as they have learned how to find food.

Equally if not more important is getting fry into correct size tank. Tank has to allow fry to find food, too big and fry cannot find the food. If fry can find the food in a bigger tank then use bigger tank. The reason why is there is some evidence that nitrate concentration inhibits growth. Keeping nitrate concentration low allows for faster growth. This can be accomplished with water changes but my observations are that water changes for a smaller tank are not as good as larger tank in regards to faster grow out.
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