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Favorite Ken's Fish flake food?

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Post Sun Apr 13, 2014 11:08 am
Schmidty Level 2 Member
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Ken's Fish has a huge selection of different flake foods. Which do folks like best? I've fed the Premium Cichlid Flake and Premium Spirulina Flake to all my fish ranging from Malawi cichlids, to Tanganyikan cichlids, to community fish. I'm thinking about trying the Premium Spirulina MAX that really any better than the regular stuff? How about those vs. the Vegetable Flake for mbuna? I can't believe all the different varieties including things like Liver, Chicken Liver, Egg, Earthworms, Immune Booster, Color Flakes, etc. What would be the motivation to go with some of the more unique ingredients like Liver?

Post Sun Apr 13, 2014 9:49 pm
Chee_dog Level 4 Member
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I just get the beefheart flakes, my discus go crazy for them. Good amount for the price too but shipping gets expensive.

Post Mon Apr 14, 2014 8:54 pm
Todd a Level 3 Member
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I feed NLS & Kens veggie flake to everything I own. I order 10 lbs of veggie flake at a time. Plecos like the earthworm flake. Watch out some are really high in protein. My buddy gave a bunch of his fish bloat by feeding too much of the super brine shrimp flake. Some of the different ingredients will help get your fish in condition to spawn

Post Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:02 am
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Did you go to the Ken's site? I'm checking it out now. Right now I feed Omega One Cichlid flakes. The Congo Tetras seem to like them...

Am looking for other foods like meat, color enhancer, fish, stuff like that. If you know of good ones, please post. Thanks.


Edit: Reason to go with stuff like liver and beef heart is for meat eaters. Like my Chocolate Pleco. While he will eat algae wafers, he prefers meat and that's his usual. Like earthworms. He's an omnivore but tends toward meat.
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