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Munchies from the Lake

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Post Thu Aug 03, 2006 8:56 am
gloflyer Level 5 Member
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I posted this in anotoher thread, and then decided that it would be better here.

During the really hot weather we went to Mille Lacs to swim:

"The littlest one has had a blast getting "pretty rocks" for mommies new aquarium.

The ones from the lake have all sorts of tasty critters on them. I am tempted to throw them in as is and see what will happen. Since they came from the lake they won't have anything water souluable on them.

It makes me think of how sterile our aquariums are compared to where the fish came from. "

Now the question is, has anyone else done something like this?

It would be fairly easy for me to put a few rocks in a cage and tie them to the dock, or put them in the swamp. Again has anyone done this?


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