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New tank start up using gravel from a betta tank.

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I'm am beginning to set up my 55 and 75 gallon tanks, and my son is getting a 16 gallon for his birthday. I need to cycle all of them. My son and I at moment both have betta's in 1 gallon setups. My question is if their gravel would have enough bacteria in it to kick start the larger systems? I would put in bio bags and drop it in the HOB filters. I also thought of placing bio bags in with the betta's so I could just use them instead of the gravel. I just wonder if the betta's would put out enough waste to colonize the media effectively. I am also going to use the Seachem Stability product in all of new start ups.

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It would be better to get cycled sponges. Not sure where you're at, but several members here have them

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If you want cycled sponges, I've got plenty to spare. No charge. Frankly, Seachem Stability won't do anything for your cycle.


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