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Post Sun Apr 14, 2019 3:20 pm
Laura Level 1 Member
Level 1 Member

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I have a few questions:
1: I have a 16 gallon that I broke down about a year ago, I had guppies and they got some type of disease that I was unable to diagnose properly before they all died. As a microbiologist, I know some microbes can be dormant for long periods of time while under stress. Am I just over thinking it or do I need to disinfect the tank and equipment? If so, what should I use?
2: I need to reseal my 20 gallon housing my Red Zebra Cichlid, and while I have the tank empty I want to clean up the hard water build up on it. I have used vinegar and salt on other tanks before, but they didn't work very well for me. The build up is pretty bad, my tap water is really hard and I had an air stone running on it last summer. I have heard of using barkeeper's friend or lime-away, are these really fish safe once it's rinsed off well? If not, what else could I use?
3: While I am resealing the 20 gallon, the fish is going to be in a spare 10 gallon. I don't have a lid for it to control evaporation. What is a cheap alternative for a lid?

Post Sun Apr 14, 2019 8:45 pm
willie Level 8 Member
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1. A 20% Clorox solution for 20 minutes will kill everything. You can lay the tank on its side to fully cover every surface. Rinse and air dry and you’re back in business.
2. Barkeeper’s friend is fish safe, but hard deposits will etch glass. Come to the MAS Auction in two weeks and you can pick up tanks for a song.
3. Evaporation is not a problem, but fish will jump. Just use the 20 gal lid. Doesn’t have to be pretty.

Good luck, Willie

Post Mon Apr 15, 2019 6:49 am
Laura Level 1 Member
Level 1 Member

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Thanks for the advice. The hard water build up is mostly on the trim.

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