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It finally happened, leaking tank

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Post Sat Feb 09, 2019 6:42 pm
lifelinefish Level 7 Member
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25+ yrs of keeping fish and this is a first. I wish it would've been a smaller tank but it sadly wasn't. My 150g "cube" thurs night around 12am, thankfully awake watching TV. Corner up about 8"-10" from bottom it stopped leaking. Wasn't able to pinpoint the exact spot, water was coming up over the top of bottom rim on two sides, steady drips. Siphoned most of water out before my floor got to awfully wet. 5 mibwimbe fronts, 3 gold head comps, and 2 marlieri (all still relatively small) went into the sump luckily I've always ran 2 large sponge filters in there. No new tank in sight at the moment so the fish will have to call it home for awhile. I'm assuming it would cost an arm and leg to get it resealed. Might be my new dart frog habitat, if it is to pricey. Big bummer!!

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