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IS there a group like this in Sacramento, CA area

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rbusenbark Level 1 Member
Level 1 Member

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Location: Lakeville, MN
I am moving to the Sac area.
Does anyone know if there is a group like this out there? 8)

lifelinefish Level 7 Member
Level 7 Member

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Location: chaska

Of course not as good as what you have hear :lol:

willie Level 8 Member
Level 8 Member

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Location: Minneapolis
Not when you have to meet at a pizza parlor... :D

Passionfish Level 20 Member
Level 20 Member

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Location: apple valley, mn
Pacific Coast Cichlid Association met at a pizza/bar on Saturdays. They got party room for free due to food and drink purchases. That is now over or so I heard.

Not sure where PCCA is meeting these days.

PCCA probably has a different characteristics than SAS. May want to check each out.
Like a complete unknown

Art Level 4 Member
Level 4 Member

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Location: Maple Grove MN
I feel sorry for you that you are moving to Sacramento it is a shity place. I used to live there for 21 years.

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