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Post Sun Jan 11, 2015 3:33 am
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I've definitely become less active on forum discussion over the past couple years. I think for me it is mainly repeat questions being asked that have been answered multiple times that pushed me away from contributing. I got into the hobby in 2009 when my wife (gf at the time) moved in with me and brought along her fish tank. I started browsing forums and would often find myself 30-40 pages deep on some sections of or I was fascinated by the new information I was learning and it made me want to pursue the hobby. First I decided to try and build an aquarium using a DIY method, then I found out I like the idea of growing aquatic plants. A couple years of trial/error with buying different types of equipment allowed me to understand the hardware and why certain brands are preferred. I haven't purchased any new equipment in a while and I feel pretty apathetic towards the hobby. My once beautiful aquatic landscape is now an empty aquarium sitting in my garage. Multiple life factors are at play for me not setting up the aquarium again...laziness, loss of interest, money.

Definitely some ups and downs.

I will get back at it eventually.

100g - empty as of November 2014

Post Wed Aug 12, 2015 12:34 am
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I have regressed to where I started decades ago, Goldfish. No I am not saying how many decades!

Post Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:54 am
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I think there is something to the idea that larger tanks and fish have become more of a focus for many and for at least a couple of reasons.

One is online forums and general increase interaction with other fishkeepers. Who wants to be the hobbyist with a ten gallon guppy tank and a 30 gallon cichlid tank when all the big talkers have minimum 55 gallon community tanks and much, much larger specialty tanks? We all want our advice and opinions to be taken seriously but the feeling gets out there that to be serious and thus taken seriously one has to go big.

The other is possibly related to what has already been said about equipment. We all "know" cansiter filters and big fluoro lights are better than hang-on-backs and hoods. "Real serious" hobbyists use them, so folks want to use them too. Well that also means a bigger tank and more money.

Combine that with big forum culture (where opinion becomes fact as far as stocking levels and minumum sizes go) and folks who once thought they'd set up a 10 for a tetra community or a 29 for cichlids get told they simply can't, and if they do they are cruel, and it turns a lot of people away.


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