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Bowl Show Schedule 2014-2015

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Post Fri Aug 01, 2014 7:30 pm
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Below is the schedule of classes for this year's bowl show. There are a few changes including a new class for non-fish aquarium fauna, and a new class for saltwater critters. Nothing has been eliminated, but the 3 killifish categories have been slimmed to two and goldfish and koi have been re grouped with their Cypriniform brethren. If there is exceptional interest (see:entries) in any category I would consider re-splitting classes next year.

August 2014
1. Cichlid - New World (not Including Apistogramma)

2.  Livebearers - Aquarium Strain

3.  Virtual Bowl

September 2014
1.  Catfish - New World

2.  Killifish- Fundulopanchax and Aphyosemion

3.  Virtual Bowl

October 2014
1.  North American Natives

2.  Killifish- All other (non Fundulopanchax/Aphyosemion)

3.  Virtual Bowl

November 2014
1.  Characins

2.  Apistogramma

3.  Virtual Bowl

December 2014
1.  Cypriniformes (including Goldfish and Koi)

2.  Plants

3.  Virtual Bowl

January 2015
Chili Bowl Show
Bring your best recipe and compete for bragging rights and 'fabulous' prizes

February 2015
1.  Cichlids - Old World

2.  Anabantid- Wild types (no Betta spendens)

3.  Virtual Bowl

March 2015
1.  Catfish - Old World

2.  Livebearers- Wild type

3.  Virtual Bowl

April 2015
- No Bowl Show, Time to show those fish off at the Big Show

May 2015
1.  Rainbowfish

2.  Other Aquarium Denizens- Shrimp, Crayfish, Snails and Amphibians (Must be Freshwater and fully Aquatic)

3.  Virtual Bowl

June 2015
1.  Anabantid- Aquarium Strain including Betta splendens

2.  Saltwater- Can be fish coral or invert, Please bring your own water
3.  Virtual Bowl

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