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MORE complete info for MAS AUCTION ON OCT 19, 2019

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as it happens, if you followed MAS on FB you would have seen this..........

MAS Fall Auction
Public · Hosted by Minnesota Aquarium Society

Saturday at 9:30 AM – 5 PM
3 days from now

927 E Old Shakopee Rd, Minneapolis, MN 55420-4551, United States

Hundreds of aquarium items up for auction - from fish to plants to tanks and equipment!

Open to the public. For full details and information on our surrender program please visit: ... 19-auction

Auctioning begins around 11:00am and runs until we are out of items. We cannot guarantee any items will be present -

preregistered items by local sellers can be found here:

Keep in mind all sellers are limited to 20 total items, with a maximum of 3 entries for a single species and 5 total hard good items (tanks, equipment, food)

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Facebook sucks
Like a complete unknown

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Passionfish wrote:
Facebook sucks


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