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Those dirty spammers

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Post Mon Apr 16, 2007 12:07 pm
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Spam is once again on the rise. This will always be the case, as spammers find new ways to break code. The forum software people are in a reactive position, so there will be waves of more spam, hopefully followed by waves of less spam.

One thing to consider is that 99% of all spam this forum gets is from automated computer programs. There isn't an actual human that posts about Britney. It's a computer program. By posting on the site, and adding links to their site, they increase their number of in-bound links to their site, which is a very important factor when search engines rank sites. So, these spammer programs are almost more concerned with boosting search engine ratings than getting you to click on the link (although, that they'll take as well).

I would strongly recommend NOT replying to spam messages. If you see one, just let passionfish, sosnarfy, or me (loverland) know about it via PM. Bob and Dani do an awesome job of spam control, and pull messages quickly. Don't waste your time responding to someone that doesn't exist!

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