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Lockdown of the buying and selling sections

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Bob and I have discussed removing the ability to reply to "for sale" and "looking for" posts since day 1 of this forum several years ago. I always figured that people would be civil and respect the other sellers, but this has proven to not be the case time and time again.

So, we have blocked the ability to reply to posts in these two sections. From now on, if you have a question, you will need to send a PM to the seller/buyer.

I would strongly encourage the original poster to edit their posts if someone asks a question that may be useful to others. For example, if your post is simply "Aulonocara baenschi for sale - $5", and someone sends you a PM asking what size they are, please edit your post to include this information.

I also ask that you be courteous when sending PMs. And, if you receive anything that you consider to be offensive via PMs, please notify Passionfish and/or me, and we will deal with it.

Thanks all. Send me a PM if you have any questions.

MFK Admin

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