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Male Guppy not moving or eating

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Post Tue Nov 18, 2014 9:23 am
Zuchenheimer Level 1 Member
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Hey guys,
I have a male guppy in a ten gallon tank alone for now, because he was being bullied. I noticed that he was moving around last night, and finding a comfortable spot to hide. I thought he was resting, but today he has been trying to hide. He hasn't been eating either. He seems stressed, so I did a water test and lowered the temp from 80 to 77. Water test came out fine, so its not that. It may be a disease, however I have a female betta in a hang off the back breeder box all by herself because she was being aggressive, and she isn't showing any signs of stress. So I'm not sure, could it be that he is old? He is really big for a guppy, and I've only had him for half a year. So I don't know his age.

Post Thu Nov 20, 2014 6:29 pm
Zuchenheimer Level 1 Member
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Update, My guppy has begun to swim freely about the tank and has eaten some fish flakes. I doused the tank with melafix according to the directions, that may have helped. Still no external symptoms. His swimming is fine but it seems a little "off," what I mean is is that he swims in short bursts of speed, then sits in one spot. This is not normal for him, but it may be a byproduct of stress.

Post Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:50 am
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Keep changing water. Clean water will allow fish to recover via natural healing by immune system and other systems that may be repairing damaged tissues etc. Skip melafix unless he has scrapes or minor wounds.

The best thing you did was to remove fish to a stress free enviornment. It probably saved fish life. When this fish is returned to community tank, watch him very closely to see if other fish are causing stress. If that is the issue, you could try placing this fish in breeder box so that other fish get used to him and stop harassing him. Or it maybe impossible to return him to the particular community tank he came out of.

Your point of unknow fish age is also well taken. I have never studied guppy lifespan but I suspect it is relatively short compared to other fish families.
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