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Where can I pick up a driftwood in MN

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Post Fri Oct 10, 2014 1:45 pm
lxy376016260 Level 1 Member
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I just wondering which state park that I can go for some driftwood. I will use it in my planted tank. size doesn't matter.
Thanks a lot~

Passionfish Level 20 Member
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It is my understanding that removal of any items from state park is a misdemeanor.
Removal of items from all state property is a misdemeanor whether in park not.
Be careful where and when you collect.
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Only thing you can legally remove from state parks, that I am aware of, are ticks. There's something about being able to eat berries and such - picking is okay or something - but I can't remember. So, I wouldn't even pick those.
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tylergvolk Level 4 Member
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I found a really nice piece in Lake Superior last year.

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I've picked up a few good pieces at garage sales, cheap. Don't know if they came by it legally, but I think it's safe at that point! Also typically been out of the water for years and so is very unlikely to harbor any unpleasant creatures as fresh driftwood definitely can.

Bob1 Level 6 Member
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I have a couple of pieces. If interested PM me with e-mail address. $10 for both.

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