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Anabantids, characins, ciprinids, rainbows, etc.

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Post Thu Mar 08, 2012 2:38 pm
Bob1 Level 6 Member
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What community fish would you recommend for a 70G Cube. I am thinking rainbows, guppies and?

Post Thu Mar 08, 2012 4:03 pm
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Both of those fish, especially rainbows, will tend to spend their time at the top of the water column. There are a lot of small, hardy, peaceful fish who spend their time near the bottom. Cherry barbs come to mind.

For the very bottom, of course, there are Corydoras cats, bushynose plecos, kuhlii loaches etc.

Some fish like the small gouramis (dwarf and honey) tend to go all over the tank when they are happy.

Spend some time in a good fish shop watching where a given species seems to hang out when they think no one is watching. It's really impossible to list all the good candidates, but if you take your time and observe some fish, then go research the requirements and temperament of the candidates you come up with, you should do fine.

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Post Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:40 pm
piercene Level 1 Member
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I have some silver dollars in my hex that do pretty well swimming all over the tank. Angels would also be a good mid water fish.

Post Mon Apr 08, 2013 7:34 pm
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There is one for sure and possibly two negatives to having silver dollars (Metynnis hypsauchen) in the aforementioned 70 gallon cube tank. One is the relative large size of the silver dollars to the cube tank. The other potential downside with silver dollars is that they are enthusiastic plant eaters.

What are you trying to do with the tank? Will it be planted? A fish only tank? Do you want just a few larger fish or lots and lots of micro fish? A small group of Apistos, Dicrossus, or perhaps Taeniacara along with some Corydoras pygmaeus would work well. Then you could throw in several small schools of micro fish like ruby tetras, any of the microdevarios, or Boraras sp. Milo had a very informative presentation on micro fish for the aquarium and would be a good source of advice if you want to go small. Good luck.

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