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Post Fri Jul 31, 2020 8:38 pm
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Hello! Relatively new to the fish hobby and was recently given aquarium which was already stocked with fish. I am looking to give these fish to good homes so I can pursue some of the smaller kind, like Mollies. I was able to look up some of these fish as I have never had them before and identified them through pictures, most of them are cichlids.

1 Red Devil Cichlid, male. [ADOPTED]
2 Jack Dempsey, 1 male and 1 female I think. [ADOPTED]
1 Convict, unknown gender. [ADOPTED]
1 Malawi Golden Cichlid, male. [ADOPTED]
2 Senegal Bichir, unknown gender.
1 Plecostomus, unknown gender. [ADOPTED]
1 Albino Oscar, unknown gender. [ADOPTED]

Haven't had these fish for too long, but did end up getting and using some smaller tanks to temporarily separate some fish.

I am available this Saturday, later in the day on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday after 4PM and the following weekend. I live in the Oakdale area and can meet at a neutral location, make sure you bring appropriate sized bucket for the fish you want. PM if you are interested in any of these fish, will provide pictures if asked.
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