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Got some fish or livestock to sell?

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Post Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:03 pm
jpowers34 Level 1 Member
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The last of my stock/room. They need to go ASAP. Also see 'For Sale - Tanks and Supplies' for non-fish or plant related items/setups

Call or text Jeff at 812-369-8032. I'm happy to provide pics, answer any questions. The price shown is for the entire quantity listed.

Fish Quantity Total
Red Eye Tetras 8 $8.00
Green Laser Corys 4 $20.00
Ammano Shrimp 20+ $20.00
Congo Tetras (2m/6f) 8 $24.00
Juli Corys 4 $10.00
Ramshorn Snails 30 $10.00
Agassizi Corys 6 $30.00
Blackskirt Tetras 20 $10.00
Albino Ancistrus 2 $10.00
Albino Chinese Algae eater 1 $1.00
Harlequin Rasboras 6 $6.00
Purple Guppies female 1 $1.00

Random Anubias (small and large) that I’ll include FREE with any fish purchase

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