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Come check out our latest freshwater fish shipment!

Clouded Archerfish (Toxotes Blythii)
Black Ghost Knife (JUMBO! Very cool!)
Peacock Striped Eel (Large, came in great)
Teugelsi Bicher
Jardini Arowana
Silver Arowana (Small)
Silver Arowana (Medium)
Elephant Nose
Red Eye Puffer
Dojo Loach
Golden Dojo Loach
Clown Loach
Chinese Hillstream Loach

Thailand Oranda

Red Pinto Shrimp
Assorted Color Lobster
Vampire Crab

Neon Tetra
Silver Dollar
Black Phantom Tetra
Alestes Tetra (Wild)
Pearl Galaxy Medaka Ricefish *COOL FISH!
Assorted Sailfin Molly
Assorted Platy
Calico Green Wagtail Platy
Assorted Swordtail
Balloon Molly
Feeder Guppy

Black Angel (Large)
Red Spotted Severum
South American Pike Cichlid
Ocellaris Peacock Bass

Tropheus Moliro “Gold Firecracker”

Sunshine Pleco (L14)
Spotted Sailfin Pleco (L001)
Farlowella Catfish
Otocinclus Catfish

Assorted Male Halfmoon Betta
Assorted Male Super Delta Betta
Assorted Male Crown Tail Betta
Assorted Male Roundtail Betta
Please call the store for fastest response 651-464-8982
Thank you!

New Hours:
Monday-Friday 11am - 8pm
Saturday-Sunday 11am - 5pm

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