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Moving, have to get rid of all of my fish

Got some fish or livestock to sell?

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Serious offers only. I will move to another state soon and I can't afford to bring my fish with me.

I have 5 tanks:
1) 125 gal with Frontosas, Star Sapphire and 1 male Featherfins
2) 75 gal with Tropheus (Bulu Point, Ikola and Duboisi)
3) 55 gal with tons of German Red and Sulfur Heads
4) 120 gal fatboy with various african cichlids
5) 55 gal hex with Neo Brichardi (tang)

All of the tanks have filters and everything you need. There's a stand for each of them (home made).

Please don't send me any ridiculous offers like "$50 for all" (I already got that), I will not even answer to that.

Please contact me by text at 612 239 3812


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Helps to post a price you're looking for, keeps away the lowball offers.

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