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New South American Amazonian Inspired Biotope

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Dicsus34 Level 5 Member
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Hey all. Just wanted to share and start a thread on my new south american tank Project I have going on now. All fish are still in juvenile stages but growing great and doing super well so far. I have an RO mix for the water to ensure that the gh, kh, and ph are close to what it is like in the wild for these fish.

Current stock list is as follows :
F1 Pterophyllum Scalare sp Rio Manacapuru Angelfish, F1 Altum Orinoco Angels from Simon Forkel, F1 Geophagus Sveni, Guianacara Sphenozona, L14 pleco, l190 Royal Pleco, and a Sailfin pleco. I have a group of Julii Corys in my hospital tank getting treated for any possible parasites before adding to this main show tank. Will also be adding a large group of cardinal tetras to top things off.

Hope you all enjoy!

Make sure to watch in HD!

willie Level 9 Member
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That's going to look so great when the angels grow up!


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